Active ingredients microencapsulated using wowCAPS® technology can be used in a variety of complex food and beverage applications that would otherwise pose limits to the use of the stand-alone or “un-encapsulated” ingredient. Challenges to the sensitive ingredient – such as process instability, oxidation/degradation, reactivity with other ingredients, etc. – or to the food or beverage application can be easily resolved by applying GAT Food Essentials’ microencapsulation technology.

Ingredients using wowCAPS® technology have been successfully added to a broad range of applications, in particular dairy products, beverages, cereals, cereal bars and other baked goods, as well as meats. Standard production process parameters (homogenization, pasteurization, and other heat treatments) can be maintained and the shelf-life of the food and beverage application (ambient, chilled, frozen) is not affected when working with sensitive ingredients microencapsulated using wowCAPS® technology.

GAT's functional food ingredient products have been successfully incorporated into a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

Dairy Beverages Baked Goods
Fresh/ESL/UHT Milk with 0.0-4.0% Fat Content Fruit Juices and other Fruit-Based Drinks Cereals and Cereal Bars
Drink Yoghurts and Spoonable Yoghurts Smoothies Cookies
Milk Drinks and Smoothies Soy Beverages Fresh and Toasted Bread
Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts    
Meats Other  
Cold Cuts, Ham and Sausages Fruit Preparations for Dairy Products and Juices  
Pâtés Convenience Products  
  Dressings and Sauces  
Approach Characteristics Food & Bev Applications
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