GAT’s proprietary microencapsulation technology (wowCAPS® technology) was designed to provide a natural, stable, and safe technology solution for functional food ingredients, resulting in products that encompass minimal technological additives while ensuring maximum stability of the active ingredient during processing and the entire shelf-life of the food and beverage application.

Natural Technology Solution
GAT’s wowCAPS® technology utilizes natural and GMO-free ingredients only. The microencapsulation technology and process also allows for organic certification of GAT’s functional food ingredients. In addition, wowCAPS® technology does not add any unnecessary components to the stabilized active ingredient, thus showing one of the shortest ingredients lists amongst technology solutions available to the industry.

Technology Platform
The microencapsulation technology developed by GAT was designed as a platform technology allowing for the stabilization of a wide range of active ingredients, including oils, oil suspensions, and water solubles. The functional food ingredients microencapsulated using wowCAPS® technology show the same characteristics in terms of handling, process and product stability. Our customers’ NPD efforts are therefore minimized as GAT’s microencapsulated ingredients are easily interchangeable.

Process & Product Stability
Ingredients microencapsulated using wowCAPS® technology show excellent stability during most commonly applied production processes across a variety of food and beverage applications. The active ingredient remains stable from the point of incorporation until the end of the shelf-life and does not negatively affect the overall sensorial properties of the food or beverage application as no oxidation or degradation can occur. Only after consumption of the food or beverage product is the active ingredient released, thereby becoming bioavailable.

Approach Characteristics Food & Bev Applications
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