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                Nobel Prize Workstation

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                In May 2019, the company and Professor Hartmut Michel, the Nobel Prize winner, established Yuhang Sinopep Nobel Prize Workstation. The workstation focuses on the mechanism research of peptide innovative drugs, the research and development of peptide innovative drugs, and the research and development of high-end sustained-release peptide formulation.

                The workstation is headed by Hartmut Michel as the director and Dr. Shunzi Li as the executive director. R&D team of peptide innovative drugs has been set up to carry out the research and development of sustained and controlled release innovative formulation drugs 502b (2) with Professor Ma Guanghui, Beijing Institute of Process Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.It has formed good cooperation with the Institute of Pharmaceutical Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Pharmaceutical University, the Pharmaceutical College of Zhejiang University and the Pharmaceutical College of Hangzhou Normal University. There are 10 innovative peptide drug molecules and 3 high-end formulation projects under development.

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