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GAT Food Essentials’ (GAT) cooperative research project termed “French Paradox - Red Wine Extract Food Additives” funded by the European Union’s Sixth Framework Programme was recently featured as a showcase for successful R&D project coordination in light of Austria’s EU Council Presidency.

The “French Paradox” is a term that was coined by the BBC’s 60 Minutes in 1991, referring to the fact that, despite their diets rich in saturated fatty acids, the French have strikingly lower rates of cardiovascular diseases than any other industrialized country. This fact is linked back to France’s high consumption of red wine that has long been studied and known for its beneficial health properties. A significant amount of health preserving compounds of red wine are found in grape skins and seeds in the pomace, a mass rich in antioxidants and in particular polyphenols that is formed after pressing the grapes for wine production.

GAT, working in close cooperation with 15 partner institutions across the EU including winegrowers, university laboratories, as well as food and beverage producers, has researched the benefits of red wine pomace and developed a method to obtain a stable grape extract rich in antioxidants for application in functional foods and beverages. Combining the extract with GAT’s proprietary microencapsulation technology, GAT has created the product “PARADOX PLY” (named after the EU project and of course the French puzzle), a natural, easy-to-use, and stable functional food ingredient.

PARADOX PLY is available in GAT’s standard product portfolio, enabling functional food and beverage producers to provide consumers with the health benefits associated with red wine without having to sacrifice taste or altering the shelf lives of the food or beverage.

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