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GAT Food Essentials, formerly a division of GAT Microencapsulation AG, is pleased to announce that, as of 2008, its operations have been reorganized under a new and independent legal entity, GAT Food Essentials GmbH.

The incorporation of GAT Food Essentials GmbH is part of a series of strategic organizational changes to allow for more direct sales and distribution as well as an even stronger focus on the company¡¦s core activities in the functional food and beverage industry. The changes were first set in motion in 2006 when GAT Food Essentials established a regional headquarters for the Latin American market in Mimi, FL, followed by an expansion to Asia Pacific with a sales office in Melbourne, Australia, and a recently opened office in Porto Alegre, Brazil after having gained full registration for the company¡¦s products in the country.

GAT Food Essentials has expanded rapidly in the four years since its foundation as a division of GAT Microencapsulation AG, both as an overall company as well as in its global recognition and reach. The newly established GAT Food Essentials GmbH is an important step to better position the business with customers¡¦ needs and to serve them with increased focus, dedication, and commitment.

For questions regarding the company¡¦s change of name and legal entity, please contact Stefan Thueringer, CMO and General Manager of GAT Food Essentials GmbH at st@gat-foodessentials.com.

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